Biology Home Learning Resources

To keep your mind healthy and active, it is recommended that you choose at least two activities of your choice each week.


This is a great place to practice the important things you learned this past year so you are ready to excel when you return to school.


This is a great place to learn some new interesting and relevant things so you can keep your mind sharp and growing.


This is a great place to find some fun and exciting things to do including challenges where you can compete with your friends.

End of Year Science Celebration Activities

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Download the iNaturalist app and search for the project "CoMo Eco Challenge". Join the project and get outside and start taking pictures of all the plants and animals you can find. Upload to the app and allow the app to help you identify them. The project continues all summer long so keep exploring and keep uploading!
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Join our place-based partners, the Great Smoky Mountain Institute for an end of year week-long Nature Challenge.  Earn points and prizes by doing the challenges you choose.  Click Here to learn more and register for free. 

We are so appreciative of your flexibility and willingness to learn more during this very unique time. Our science teachers cannot wait to see you next year.  Have a great summer and get outside!

Mike Szydlowski                                     Ragan Webb

K-12 Science Coordinator                     K-5 Science Coordinator

Columbia Public Schools                      Columbia Public Schools

Week of May 11

Ology Genetics


Covid-19 Learning

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This is a special option put together by RBHS sophomore, Carmen Marr. Last year, she set up a Green Day speaker conference to inspire and learn about environmental issues.  That could not happen this year so she put together this virtual conference of sorts where you can listen to a selection of environmental speakers of your choice. 

Week of May 4

UnEarthly Fossils

Breakout Game

(Login Instructions)

(Access Code: 3TVNKU)

Covid-19 Learning

Week of May 4

Eco Stax Game

(A Jenga-like Ecosystem game)

Spillover - Zika, Ebola, and Beyond

Week of April 20

The Outcome of a Mutation

Week of April 20

Zoonotic Diseases


Song Bird Hero

Week of April 13

Climate Change Breakout Room

(Student Code: 3TVNKU )

Week of April 13

Sorting Finch Species

Handout for lab

Protein Synthesis Race

Week of April 13

Earth Day Challenges

(Starts April 11)

Virus Hunter



Week of April 6

Natural and Artificial Selection Gizmo

(access code provided by teacher)

Pedigree Investigator

Week of April 6

Climate Art Contest

(Due April 17)

Earth Day Challenges

(Starts April 11)

Ebola Disease Detectives