Earth Day Challenges

Image by J Williams

While you are at home, get your creative juices flowing and participate in our home and virtual Earth Day Challenge competition.  Entries will be accepted and evaluated every Sunday with winning projects being featured on our page.  Chose between one or more of the following challenges.  You may also submit as many projects as you like. 

Please submit all projects to:  

Trash to Treasure
Garbage Dumpster

Take an item or items that would have been sent to the landfill and turn it into something great. You may use some new materials as long as the majority of the items was originally meant for the landfill. Your creation should be an artistic or a item that is to be used for something. Take a picture of your product and include a short summary of what you made and how you made it. 

Place-Based Project
Men Volunteering

Develop a place-based project (any project that improves your community) that you can carry out with just yourself or your family in a way that does not put you at greater virus risk. This could be environmental but it does not have to be. Your project does not have to be large and involved. Take pictures of your project and create a one page summary and submit both to the link above. 

Place-Based Infographic

Use any infographic software (most of which are free for small projects) and create an infographic about your place (your community). This can be environmental, cultural, historical, or whatever you come up with - as long as it is about your place.  Send the completed file to the link above. 

Nature Art
Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Create an original masterpiece using only things found in nature. For inspiration, search the internet for Andrew Goldsworthy.  When your artwork is complete, please submit a picture of it to the link above.