Chicago, Illinois

Take an incredible and fully customized tour of the Natural History Museum.  "Walk" around, take a look at the specimens, and more. 

Boston, Massachusetts

This museum allows you to explore many different online exhibits.

Image by Chris Leipelt
Yellowstone National Park

Explore the different parts of Yellowstone National Park 

Explore the basics of how things fly with this interactive page.


Washington DC

This site allows you to visit and interact with a variety of exhibits from multiple Smithsonian Museums.

nat parks.png

Various Parks

Come explore a stunning view of six National Parks offered in 360 control or virtual reality by Google.

While this is not really a virtual series, it is a fantastic entire series of kid-friendly wilderness adventures that will be of high interest to students and adults alike. 

Meet a variety of zoo animals on this page.

Minnesota Zoo

Tag along on this virtual field trip to the Minnesota Zoo.

This site offers a series of agriculture-based virtual field trips. You can choose from a dairy processing plant, to crop farms, a pig farm, and more.