Watch two bald eagles hatch and take care of their baby eagles. Hatching should begin very soon!

Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

This was one of our student's favorite sites. Come check out dogs just being dogs!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Did the coronavirus mess up your spring break plans? Fill your screen with this beach cam and at least take in the sights of a warm beach. 

Miami, Florida

Watch this family of meerkats at the Miami Zoo.  They are fascinating little creatures!

Columbia, Missouri

These two beehives are run by Fairview Elementary School in Columbia, Missouri.  Fairview is a Place-Based public school.


If cats and kittens are more your thing then come watch these kittens learn and play at the Kitten Academy!

New York

Click through multiple families of wolves in this New York Wolf Sanctuary. 

Long Beach, California

This Jellyfish tank is memorizing!  Check out this 24 hour live feed from the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Yellowstone National Park

Approximately every 90 minutes, this Yellowstone National Park geyser shoots far into the air.  Watch the visitors gather and the water soar. 

Cornell Lab Bird Cam Library

This incredible site, submitted by Ragan Webb (Columbia, MO) lets you pick the type of bird you want to watch!

Houston Zoo

Watch leafcutter ants do their thing all day long. 


Visit this site to watch a polar bear mom and two cubs eat, play, rest, and whatever else a polar bear does.

Visit this site to watch and meet the chickens in this now famous Chicken Coop.


Watch these puppies from East Coast Assistance Dogs interact with their mom and each other. 

Watkins Glen, New York

If you like sheep, come watch sheep in the sheep barn!


Who can resist a penguin camera?

La Verne, California

This camera rotates between this tiny nest and a hummingbird feeder. An egg will hatch soon. 

Gainesville, Florida

Giant Flying Fox Bat Camera from Gainesville, Florida


Mike Szydlowski

Columbia, Missouri

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